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Cricket fever is on as we are heading closer to the IPL 2020 and it’s only a matter of days before the event will go live. The teams have already started honing their skills and are having regular practice sessions ahead of the official start of the IPL 2020. A lot of focus right now is on the live streaming options and everyone is looking for options where they could be able to watch IPL 2020 live streaming. A great option for the fans of the game in the USA, Australia, and Canada would be to go with Fox Sports live streaming IPL 2020 because they won’t be able to find a better match to what they are looking for. The TV channel is set to cover everything from the event and you will have a roller coaster ride throughout IPL 13

Fox Sports Live Streaming

Fox Sports is the division of sports programming at Fox Broadcasting Company that belongs to the Fox Corporation. It takes the responsibility of broadcasting sports programs on the Fox network as well as the dedicated national cable sports channels of the network. 

This flagship entity was founded back in 1994 as the Fox acquired broadcasting rights for the National Football League games. In the years to follow, it also televised the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Bowl Championship Series, Major League Soccer, the USGA Championships, WWE and NHRA. 

In December 2017, the Walt Disney Company shared plans for acquiring 21st Century Fox for a whopping $52.4 billion and it included major assets like 20th Century Fox, National Geographic Partners, FX Networks, and the regional sports and international networks. The terms of this proposed acquisition, spun off the Fox broadcast network, the Fox News Channel, and non-regional assets of the Fox Sports cable channels, and the broadcast network division into an independent company that belonged to current shareholders of the 21st Century Fox. 

The Fox Sports Live Streaming of different popular TV programs is available both online and offline. The viewers of the Fox Sports live can browse the official website of the TV channel, subscribe to its YouTube channel, and even download the Fox Sports Go application. All these options provide the widest coverage of the events that are broadcast through the Fox Sports TV channel. These options are available in all the parts of the world where Fox Sports has the broadcasting rights and one can simply download the app or browse through the online streaming options to catch it all live. 

Fox Sports Live Streaming IPL 2020

The Indian Premier League is the next big event that will be taking the cricket world by storm. The tournament is played every year and it is scheduled in September through November 2020 this time around after being initially delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak. The biggest cricketing extravaganza of the year will bring a lot of foreign players to UAE as the management has worked extensively to bring the foreign players to this year’s event. In fact, there has been great interest from the foreign cricketers as well and they have already started landing in UAE

A lot of exciting stuff is going on right now on the sidelines of the event where franchises are taking defining steps to make their way into the upcoming event. Most of the players will be retained while some will be traded and we’re going to have some exciting cricket to watch. 

Usually, the tournament is played in the double round robin format and the qualifiers and eliminators decide the finalists every year. The tournament will be played in the same old fashion this time around as well and there will be eight franchises participating in the tournament like last couple of years. The fans of the game will support their favorite franchise and will definitely love to have access to the live streaming of the event. The IPL 2020 live streaming will be available right from the first game of the tournament and all the TV channels with the broadcasting rights of the event will be airing the event live online too. 

If you want to get the highest quality live streaming experience with no interruptions whatsoever, the best option you have is to tune into Fox Sports Live Streaming IPL 13. The TV channel will be available through a range of different platforms and you can expect to have the same amazing live streaming experience through all of these available options. Whether you want to browse the official website on your laptop or take a dive into the Fox Sports YouTube Live streaming IPL 2020, the experience you will get is definitely going to be impeccable. You can also watch the matches live through the Fox Sports app and it will be a hassle-free experience too. 

Fox Sports Live Streaming PSL 5 

Before we get into the actual tournament where the teams will be seen competing against each other, what’s upon us right now is the PSL 5 draft. The tournament’s draft is scheduled on December 6-7, 2019 and all the franchises are preparing for it already. A lot of innovations have been brought about by the PCB and they will be giving cricket fans a unique experience both at the draft and the way things will move forward from here on. 

A great example was set when the first pick of the Pakistan Super League draft was decided by the age old street-cricket style bat flip method at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. The PCB wanted to make sure that they stick to the roots of cricket in Pakistan and that is why they chose to try something which every PSL cricketer and the cricket fan in Pakistan could relate to. The representatives of the franchises, the media partners, and the PCB officials gather at a small event at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore where the first pick was decided with this method. It was quite a new concept at this level and the cricket fans loved it big time. 

The PCB has also decided to reduce the players each team would be required to carry for the season to 18 only from 22 previously. And, there will be a quota of 6 foreign players that each franchise will have to buy while the rest will be the local players in the different categories as stipulated by the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Super League Management. Another new rule that has been implemented by the PCB is that the playing XI should carry a minimum of 3 foreign players and a maximum of 4 foreign players. So, all these new additions to the rulebook for the upcoming event will also have an impact on the way PSL franchises would pick their squads for the upcoming season. They will be paying great attention to all the dynamics that would be involved and might have an impact on how things will unfold when the event actually gets a start. 

All this, and much more that will be revealed in the coming days, will make PSL draft 2020 an interesting event that will be worth watching for the cricket fans. So, if you are also interested in watching the event live, tune into Fox Sports live streaming PSL 5 draft. All the platforms will give you the best streaming option and you can enjoy interruption-free, high-quality live streaming of the event as soon as it goes live. Catch all the news and updates from the PSL draft live as it happens this year. 

Fox Sports Live Streaming IPL 2020 Opening Ceremony

How often have you found opening ceremonies of the cricketing events interesting? Well, they really are interesting most of the times and you just cannot think of missing out on one. The glittering events receive a lot of attention worldwide and you just cannot skip them. They bring the best performances from the top performers around the world and cricket fans also get to have a glimpse of their favorite players who will be featuring in different teams in the upcoming event. The same goes for the IPL 13 opening ceremony as well. 

The management always invites some of the biggest stars in the country and around the world to amuse the cricket fans who will be present at the launch of the event. Last year, some big names were invited to perform at the IPL opening ceremony. We expect some popular international and local stars to feature in the upcoming IPL 2020 opening ceremony as well and it will be a whole lot fun. 

Besides the performances of the stars, another serious attraction about the opening ceremony of the event is that there will be all the media celebrities from the country present at the event who will be supporting their favorite franchise teams. So, the cricket fans present at the venue will be able to meet their favorite stars and can have a glimpse of them too. That’s certainly one of the biggest draws for someone who loves celebrities and wants to spend a few moments with them. 

The event will also see the international cricketers and the local cricket players present there as well. So, it will be a glittering event overall where the top names of the world cricket can be seen and the fans love such settings more than anything else. Another catch for the entertainment lovers to attend the opening ceremony or watch the Fox Sports Live Streaming IPL 13 Opening Ceremony is that the event normally has an amazing display of fireworks both at the start and the end of the event. And, IPL is known to have some amazing stuff going on for past few years in that regard as well. What else would you want as a cricket and entertainment lover then? 

Where To Watch Fox Sports Live Streaming IPL 2020?

Now, that’s one of the legitimate questions that pops up in the mind of every cricket lover. People love watching cricket and they want to watch it live. Obviously, everyone can’t reach the cricket grounds and they would still want to witness their favorite cricket players showing off their immaculate cricketing skills. True you can watch the uninterrupted, highest-quality IPL 2020 live streaming through Fox Sports, but where and how you can catch it all live? Here are a few options you can think of exploring. 

  • Fox Sports Live

The official website gives you a live streaming option for the TV channel and you can simply explore that link to catch the action live. Just use your smartphone or laptop to browse Fox Sports Live from anywhere with a strong and stable internet connection. If the event is covered in your area, you will be able to catch all the stuff happening live. 

  • Fox Sports Go App

The Fox Sports Go App comes with a host of amazing options for the cricket lovers from all over the world. You can simply download it on your device and you will be able to start streaming the event live. The app will bring IPL 2020 live streaming for all the major events ahead of the IPL 2020, including the IPL 2020 Draft and the IPL 13 opening ceremony as well. Just make sure that you have the app downloaded to your device and all the settings have been done appropriately to catch an interruption-free, wonderful live streaming experience. 

  • Fox Sports YouTube Channel

Just browse the YouTube channel of the Fox Sports network and you will be able to catch all the action live there as well. YouTube has been one of the most reliable and lightweight streaming services available today and you can simply use it for watching the event live through Fox Sports’ official channel. The Fox Sports YouTube Live Streaming is available in most parts of the world and the cricket lovers can stay tuned to it for having a wonderful streaming experience. It is as good as other streaming options listed above. 

There have been a lot of options available for watching Fox Sports Live Streaming PSL 13 and everyone with a stable internet connection can have access to it. The IPL 2020 is the most highly anticipated event of the year and it will definitely bring a lot of action with it. All eyes will be on how things unfold as the event goes on and if we are going to get a new champion or some old winner will repeat the history once again. Catch it all with Fox Sports Live Streaming!

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