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Hotstar IPL, PSL Live Streaming – Watch Cricket Telecast Online

Cricket has many flavors and you can witness them all in the different cricket leagues being played around the world. If you are looking forward to Pakistan Cricket, the next big event on the line is the Pakistan Super League 2021. The PSL 2021 will be the sixth edition of the tournament and from our experience, we can easily tell that it is only going to be better from what we had witnessed last year. The PSL 6 will begin on February 20 and will have some exciting cricket games on the line for the avid cricket lovers for the entire next month or so. So, don’t miss the action and witness it live through Hotstar PSL live streaming.

All the buzz right now is about the upcoming IPL 2021 and everyone is waiting for the event to start on September 19. There are many streaming services and TV channels that will be bringing IPL 2021 live streaming for all the matches that will be played over the course of next couple of months. With Hotstar IPL Live expected to be the service in demand, you can expect to catch the action live through Disney+ Hotstar using all the popular channels their services are available on. The cricket lovers can’t expect things to get any better as the top streaming service providers will be ensuring that they get to watch the IPL live streaming free as the tournament begins. It’s going to be a whole lot fun to watch the matches live. 

Hotstar Live Streaming

Disney+ Hotstar or Hotstar is the renowned Indian subscription video on-demand live streaming service that belongs to Star India. The service is based around two subscription plans – VIP, which is focused on the domestic programming and various sports content (IPL included), and Premium that features international premium films and TV series (HBO, Showtime, other American originals). 

In February 2020, after Disney bought the parent company of Star India the 21 Century Fox in 2019, they announced their plans on integrating the new international streaming service Disney+ with Hotstar by April 2020. This service leveraged the existing infrastructure as well as user base of Hotstar. On 3rd of April 2020, Disney+ and Hotstar underwent the merger.

In September 2017, the entire media rights of the Indian Premier League were acquired by Star Sports and Hotstar became their international digital rights holder. In the next phase, Hotstar launched their international subscription service in the US and Canada and the ultimate aim was to bring viewers their domestic content as well as sports. In the UK, Hotstar was launched in September 2018, and coincided with the Asia Cup 2018. All these versions work solely and there is no Disney+ content available for this service. 

In August 2019, Bob Iger, CEO Disney, revealed their plans on expanding Hotstar service into Southeast Asia. In April 2020, it was announced that Singapore’s migrant workers will also be able to access Hotstar and the service will be operated in the invite only mode for helping them get through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In August 2020, Disney came up with the announcement that the streaming service will be available in Indonesia from 5th of September 2020. Indonesia became the very first region outside India where Disney+ Hotstar brand name is being used. 

Hotstar Live Streaming IPL 2021

Being among the major sponsors of the IPL 2021, the IPL 2021 Live Streaming will be on offer for the Hotstar viewers. The streaming service has a history of bringing cricket lovers the best cricketing action from all over the world and it’s been a prized resource for years where you could watch the Indian Premier League matches live. 

Hotstar IPL Live will be available in all parts of the world where Hotstar service is accessible and one can expect a wonderful live streaming experience with no glitches whatsoever. Catch the live action with live score updates at Hotstar live IPL 2021 no matter where you are in the world and enjoy the game to the fullest. You are certainly in for a treat in these times of the pandemic as cricket fans won’t be allowed at the stadiums. 

Use the Hotstar IPL Live app to catch IPL 2021 live streaming on the go. It is going to be an unparalleled experience that you are surely going to fall in love with. So, stay tuned and watch your favorite teams play at IPL 2021 from September 19. 

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