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Lemar TV Live Score PSL 6, Pak vs Ban, IPL, ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Ball by Ball

Pakistan Super League is back and it will be a whole new flavor this time around as we look forward to the PSL 6. The teams have been drafted and the PSL 2021 is set to start on Feb 20. The outlook of the six franchises has been changed a bit but we are expecting some exciting cricket in every contest along the way. Get ready for some nail-biting finishes and some great contests to watch on Lemar TV PSL 6.

Lemar TV Live Score PSL 6, Pak vs Ban, IPL, ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Ball by Ball. Cricket is followed religiously all over the world and it has a special place for people in the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding regions. Especially, if you talk about Afghanistan, the war-struck area has always shown great response to the game of cricket and has also nurtured some wonderful talent in the recent years. The Afghanistan cricket team is among the latest Test-playing nations on the ICC calendar and they have earned this well-deserved spot after great struggle and all the hard work. There are options like Lemar TV live streaming available to the Afghan cricket fans allowing them to catch all the cricketing action from around the world anytime and anywhere. 

Lemar TV Live Streaming

Lemar TV is the Pashto TV station that is based in the Kabul city of Afghanistan. The TV channel was founded back in 2006 and has grown ever since. The TV channel belongs to the MOBY Group and broadcasts news, entertainment programs, and shows in Pashto language. The TV channel has other sister TV channels with the names TOLOnews and TOLO. 

The Lemar TV live streaming is available to its followers both through cable networks and online. The best part is that it covers the cricketing events from all over the world and they have helped the TV channel grow to new heights of success. All the cricket lovers in the country follow this TV channel for any cricket-related action whether it features Afghan players or not.

The latest addition to the live streaming facets of the TV channel is the streaming of Pakistan Super League – the premier T20 cricket league in Pakistan. In the initial editions of the tournament, it included Afghan players like Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan while the latest addition was Waqar Salamkheil who was picked by Peshawar Zalmi. Let’s find out more about PSL 6  and Lemar TV’s live streaming plans for the event. 

Lemar TV PSL 2021 Live Streaming

With Afghans related closely to the Pakistan cricket, and most of their players mastering the art of the game in Pakistan over last decade or so, the Pakistan Super League is extremely popular among the masses in Afghanistan. The tournament enjoys a special place in the Afghans’ hearts and they love it for so many good reasons. 

As they have special affiliation with Pakistan cricket, the league has immense following in the country right from the inaugural season that was held 4 years back in 2016. And now, as we are headed towards the PSL 6, cricket fans would be looking forward to watching their favorite teams and cricket legends play in the Pakistan Super League. 

Lemar TV, being one of the top channels to offer cricket coverage in the country, covers the Pakistan Super League events for the cricket fans in the country as well. This is, probably, the biggest coverage of the tournament in Afghanistan and it starts with the PSL 2021 draft. So, as we are heading closer to the PSL 6 draft which is scheduled towards the end of November, the cricket lovers in Afghanistan can witness the event live on Lemar TV. Even though the exact date has not been announced yet, we expect them to announce it for their viewers as soon as the official confirmation comes.

Besides the PSL auction , the TV channel should also be your go-to resource in order to watch the PSL 6 opening ceremony which is going to be a glittering event packed with entertainment and fun. The crowd will pour in numbers too because the tournament is completely scheduled in Pakistan this time around. And, with the tournament starting on 20th February , the cricket lovers in Afghanistan should stay tuned to the Lemar TV because it will be non-stop action from PSL for the next entire month. Lemar is certainly going to bring a special experience for the cricket fans in Afghanistan. 

How To Watch Lemar TV Live Streaming?

Like any other TV channel available in today’s modern times, you have a couple of options available to watch the Lemar TV live streaming. You can either tune into the pre-set frequency of this TV channel on your cable network or you can look for the live streaming link online. 

There are various websites that are meant to bring TV channels from all over the world on a single platform for easy access. Lemar TV can be one of these TV channels as well. All you need to do is to figure out which website is offering the free live streaming link and you can watch it there. 

Another option to watch Lemar TV live streaming is to browse through the YouTube and look for any live streaming link. Even though it might be a bit hard to find the YouTube link for the TV channel, but it is still a possibility. And, once you are able to find one, it’s going to be a perfect experience as YouTube streaming is often the most lightweight streaming experience available on the internet. 

Lemar TV Cricket Coverage 

As said earlier, cricket is a game that has achieved immense popularity among the Afghan youth in last decade or so and it has helped the Afghan national side pick up some wonderful talent too. The ICC Cricket World T20 2010 was the first event that Lemar brought live to the country in local languages Persian and Pashto. 

This initiative paved way for the live broadcast of other major cricket events in the country with the likes of Cricket World Cup 2015 and 2019, ICC Champions Trophy, Bangladesh Premier League, Indian Premier League, and Pakistan Super League among others. And, we have already seen the fruits it brought to the Afghanistan cricket as they progressed way too much in such a short period of time like no other International cricket side recognized by the ICC. 

Lemar TV Programs

Besides the cricketing action that Lemar TV brings to the cricket fans in Afghanistan, the TV channel also airs Pashto-dubbed Hindi serials such as Laagi Tujhse Lagan. With its amazing coverage of cricket tournaments and entertainment programs, the Lemar TV takes pride in being one of the most watched Pashto TV channels in Afghanistan. It has made great strides over the years to beat the competition only through its quality programs and non-stop entertainment for people of all ages and ethnicities. It is continuously growing further and will soon be the biggest TV channel in Afghanistan with widest coverage of TV shows and cricketing events from all over the world. 

So, Lemar TV has been doing all the great work since its inception in 2006 and it will bring the PSL 2021 live streaming for the cricket lovers in that part of the world too. The Afghan cricket fans will be able to watch their favorite league cricket tournament with Pashto commentary as well. In fact, that’s going to be quite a unique experience in itself and it will bring utmost joy to the cricket fans in Afghanistan. If you’ve long been waiting for it, just stay tuned to Lemar TV and get access to PSL 6 live streaming, live scores, game analysis, news, and everything else from the cricket grounds in Pakistan.

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