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PSL 2020 Points Table – Who is Leading The Pack

The biggest cricketing event of the year PSL 2020 will start on 20th February 2020 and it will mark the beginning of an entire month of tantalizing cricket action. There will be players from all over the world coming to Pakistan to feature in the entire tournament for the first time since 2010. There will be all six franchises from the previous season that will take part and compete for the top spot on the PSL 2020 points table before top 4 could qualify for the PSL 5 playoffs

PSL 2020 Points Table

So, if you are already getting crazy about checking out the PSL 2020 team standings and figure out where your favorite team stands right now on the PSL points table, here we have the updated PSL 5 points table for you. Have a look and do some maths to figure out if your team stands a chance to move forward to the next stage of the tournament. We’ll keep updating the table here right after every match and you can come back here daily to check out the latest.

Pakistan Super League

1Multan Sultans 10 6 2 0 2 14 1.031 1249/137.4 1162/144.3
2Karachi Kings 10 5 4 0 1 11 -0.19 1455/173.2 1498/174.3
3Lahore Qalandars 10 5 5 0 0 10 -0.072 1592/181.4 1636/185.1
4Peshawar Zalmi 10 4 5 0 1 9 -0.055 1343/154.3 1302/148.5
5Quetta Gladiators 10 4 5 0 1 9 -0.722 1399/168.3 1492/165.2
6Islamabad United 10 3 6 0 1 7 0.185 1389/154.3 1337/151.5

Pakistan Super LeagueAs mentioned earlier, the PSL team standings and points for each team are updated after every game and you’ll be able to check it right here.

2020 PSL 5 Points Table Glossary

The abbreviations on the Points Table PSL 2020 may be a bit confusing sometimes and, therefore, here we have the glossary for you. It will help you better understand the points table above. 

    • M: Represents the number of matches a team has played
    • W: Represents the number of matches a team has won
    • L: Represents the number of matches a team has lost
    • N/R: Represents the number of matches that ended in No-Result or were abandoned
    • T: Represents the number of matches that got tied
    • PT: Represents the total number of points a team has won
    • NRR: Represents the Net Run Rate of a team

Just have a look at the latest PSL points table above and you will have a better understanding of how things are going on. You will understand the results better and will know why your favorite team is standing where it is. 

PSL 2020 Team Standings

As of now we have the information about 6 confirmed franchises that will be participating in the PSL 5. Former PCB chairman had announced that they will be adding a new franchise to the mix for the 5th edition of Pakistan Super League but there is nothing certain about that right now as we don’t have any news coming about that. 

Let’s have a look at PSL 2020 team standings for those 6 franchises. 

  • Quetta Gladiators

Quetta Gladiators won the tournament last time around and they really stand on top as the PSL 5 gets underway. They have been one of the best sides to pop up on the PSL scene ever since the inaugural edition of the tournament and they’ll start their campaign in the PSL 5 as favorites too. 

The runner-ups in the last season of Pakistan Super League, Peshawar Zalmi have been another hot favorite franchise in the PSL since the beginning. There will be a neck-to-neck fight between them and the Gladiators once again for the title and let’s wait and see what happens next. 

The two-time champions, Islamabad United will go into the PSL 5 on the third spot having performed well in the previous season as well. However, they’d love to move up the ladder and seek one of the top two spots to continue their legacy in the tournament. 

Kings finished 4th in the last season and they’d be planning on making an improvement from there on. Their performance has been below par in all their appearances in the previous editions of the super league. However, they’d like to improve on all accounts this time here in the PSL 5. Let’s wait and watch how things go for them in the upcoming season. 

Sultans have only played a couple of seasons until now and they have finished 5th in both the editions. So, the question is if they’d be able to make a mark and improve from there in PSL 5 or it will be the 5th spot for them yet another time or, maybe, something even worse. Let’s wait and watch.

Lahore Qalandars have been the most unfortunate side to have ever emerged on the PSL scene. They have not been able to impress even a single time since the inaugural PSL t20 and would be fancying their chances as they go into the 2020 Pakistan Super League. They’d be expecting a turnaround of events as they move forward and we’ll have to wait until the tournament gets underway to see if their fate has something going for them moving forward. 

Now, if you are interested in learning more about the PSL 2020 and how the tournament will proceed once it gets started, here we have some pertinent information that you should definitely take into account. Let’s have a look and explore more about it!

PSL 2020 Format 

The format of the tournament plays a significant part in how the franchises should approach the games. And, if you look into the past the tournament has been played in a single format right throughout i.e. Double-Round Robin. In this format, all the teams have to play twice against all the competing teams during their group stage matches and the top 4 of the lot qualify for the PSL Playoffs

The same format will be followed this time around as well and the top 4 sides will participate in the PSL 2020 playoffs. Eventually, these 4 sides get into the knockout stage battling hard to get into the final in two playoff matches and then the winners of both the play-offs compete for the title in PSL 2020 Final

PSL 2020 Points Table System

According to the rules of Pakistan Super League 5, each win will earn 2 points to the winning side while 0 points will be given to the losing side. A match that ends in No-Result will yield a point each to both the teams participating. 

If there is a Tie, the result of the game will be decided with Super Over. In case, if there is still a Tie in the super over, the team that has scored most boundaries in that super over gets to win that match. So, 2 points will be awarded to the winner in this case as the regular rule says. 

PSL 5 Points Table Standings And Criteria

As per the rules, the teams finishing in top 4 on the points table in group stage get to qualify for the 2020 PSL 5 playoffs. 

In case, if there are two teams, or more, ending up with same points on the points table then the side with higher net run rate is placed on top of the ones with a lower NRR. Some other criteria to decide the team standings would be head-to-head results and the bowling strike rate. This procedure has been followed since the inaugural edition of Pakistan Super League and it remains the same in every season. Therefore, we can expect it to stay that way in PSL 5 as well. 

So, if you have long been waiting for a resource to share reliable information on the PSL 2020 points table and all other relevant information moving forward, bookmark this page as you’ll get everything right here. Just stay tuned and we’ll keep updating you as the tournament proceeds. The 2020 PSL 5 points table here will be updated right after every game and you’d be able to keep an eye on the latest and changing standings of the teams as the tournament proceeds. We’re excited, are you? Let’s wait and watch how things unfold in the run for the final battle which begins February 20th, 2020. 


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