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PSL 2020 Prediction – Who Is Going To Lift Gold In PSL 5?

 PSL 2020 Prediction – Who Is Going To Lift Gold In PSL 5? 

A lot has been going on around Pakistan cricket and we’ll soon have the results showing up with the new PCB management taking decisive measures to revamp cricket in the country. The next focus, however, is on the Pakistan Super League 2020 and there’s a lot of gossip already going on. With PSL 2020 draft scheduled in November, and the tournament set to start on February 20th next year, everyone is looking forward to PSL 2020 prediction. So, the million dollar question right now is ‘Who is going to win PSL 2020?’ Let’s check out our PSL 5 prediction.

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PSL 2020 Prediction – Who Will Win PSL 5

As the PSL 2020 drawing closer, we are listening news about the event and things are getting increasingly fun and exciting. We are expecting 7 teams to compete in the next PSL season as was announced by the former PCB chairman Mr. Najam Sethi. However, which this team is going to be and when it’s going to be announced is not yet clear.

So, as of now, we have the same 6 teams that have been competing in the previous two seasons of the Pakistan Super League namely Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, Multan Sultans, Lahore Qalandars, and Karachi Kings. 

Now, the question is which of these teams is going to win the PSL 5? We’re leaving the 7th team out of the contest because we have never seen such an instance before that the newly added team had won the season in which it participated first. So, the real contest will be between these existing 6 teams and we are going to find the winner from these again. 

If you look at the previous stats, Islamabad have won the title twice while Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators have won it once only. None of the remaining teams have ever been to the PSL 2020 Final. So, we can say that the real competition has been between these two sides and we never know if we can see these three franchises in the race to lift the trophy again. 

PSL 2020 Favorites


  • Quetta Gladiators
  • Islamabad United


There is no doubt in the fact that these three franchises have been by far the best sides we have seen in the tournament’s history so far and they do have the potential to outsmart any opponent on their day. Other three participating teams have by far been below par in their performances and couldn’t really live up to the task even once in the 4 years history of the tournament. So, that’s what going to define the upcoming PSL T20 season 5 winner. Let’s run through the chances of each of these teams to win the tournament one by one. 

  • Quetta Gladiators PSL 2020 Prediction

Gladiators have been the defending champions and they’d go into the PSL 2020 at an extreme high as far as their confidence is concerned. They have been struggling hard and long since the inaugural season of the tournament and ended up into the playoffs and Pakistan Super League Final on many occasions. Eventually, their efforts paid off in PSL 4 and they were able to lift the trophy under their captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

The problem, however, is that they have an inherent element of choking as they reach the bigger stage. And, in fact, that’s the biggest hurdle for them to overcome as they move into PSL 5 despite being the reigning champions. How Sarfaraz XI copes up with the challenge this time around, however, is yet to be seen and we can never say what’s going to happen as we reach the big stage. 

So, we can say that Quetta Gladiators might reach the top 3 in the upcoming season of the Pakistan Super League, but they are certainly not going to be the champions this time around. Winning PSL seasons back to back is something special and we don’t see that happening, at least, this time. 

  • Peshawar Zalmi PSL 2020 Prediction

Peshawar Zalmi have been one of the hot favorite sides in Pakistan Super League. Their stakes are always high and they are always on the brink of winning the tournament only to find out something goes wrong at the eleventh hour. They have just won a single PSL season so far despite having ended up in the PSL Final on several occasions.

They have a very strong side with some big names playing for the franchise in every season. They have been lead by the iconic Darren Sammy and he’s been leading them into the finals ever since he took over. In fact, there has never been a single PSL season where they couldn’t reach the final under his captaincy. 

So, are we going to see that again? But can they be able to beat the odds and win it this time? Well, that’s 90% probable. Yes, it’s highly likely for the Peshawar Zalmi to win it this time as they will be hungry for a title victory having reached the Final three times and lift the trophy only once. So, if they manage to somehow reach the PSL 2020 Final, you can bet on them any time of the day and it will go in your favor for sure. 

  • Islamabad United PSL 2020 Prediction

Islamabad have been the only team in Pakistan Super League to have won the PSL title twice. They won the inaugural PSL season and then struck back strongly in 2018 to lift the trophy again. On both the occasions, they were playing under King Misbah. And, now the question is who will continue Misbah’s legacy? The team was lead by Mohammad Sami in previous season and they ended up on the third spot in the points table. So, where do they stand in the race to win the PSL Final 2020

We’d say their chances to emerge as the PSL 2020 winner are minimal. They don’t really have the mindset, dynamism, and enough firepower in their leadership that would pull the miracle off. Unless we see a change in captaincy, we don’t really see them making it through. They might be able to show good enough performances to get into the play offs, or even appear in the final, but as it appears, the team is not going to win the PSL T20 title. 

That said, the team might end up bagging some individual prizes in the PSL T20 2020. They do have the individual class and some dark horses up their ranks who might come up with a few surprises in the upcoming season of Pakistan Super League. You never know what’s going to happen next. 

  • The Verdict

In our expert opinion, it is going to be Peshawar Zalmi once more to lift their second title as they reach the PSL 2020 final. And, if they get there, there’s certainly no stopping them and we’ll see a second team to have won the title twice. 

PSL 2020 Astrological Prediction 

If you don’t believe the guesswork too much and really don’t think the expert opinion is really going to matter much when it comes to winning the PSL 5, you should be looking forward to our PSL 2020 astrological prediction. Yes, we also predict the winners of cricket matches and tournaments based on astrological calculations and number predictions. So, what the stars have to say about the fate of the participating sides in PSL 2020

Well, you must be surprised to find out that the astronomical readings are not really going into the favor or Peshawar Zalmi side that our experts have predicted to be the favorites for next season. In fact, the PSL 2020 astrological prediction shows that the stars are favoring Quetta once again. So, they might be able to create history this time by winning PSL titles back to back. 

So, if you believe in stars more than anything else, you should definitely go with Quetta Gladiators and see if your favorite team manages to win it yet another time. We know that there will be a few changes in the squad this time as the procedure requires that, but the management will expectedly remain the same and we have never doubted the captaincy skills of their captain Sarfraz Ahmed. He’d be all set to lead his side to another title win in the upcoming season. The stars are favoring him and he’s definitely going to be on a high as the time arrives and PSL 2020 gets underway. Even though it’s not going to be an easy task and there will be lots of ups and downs along the way, but the eventual result is going to be in the favor of the Gladiators. 

Just count on our word, and see how things unfold in the run for the event. You’ll be proud of your decision at the end of the day for sure. 

PSL 2020 Leading Run Scorer Prediction

A lot goes on in the biggest leagues of the world like PSL besides just predicting the winners and betting around it. And, one other prediction that holds significant importance is who will score the most runs in the tournament and take the honors. The battle starts from the first ball being bowled and lasts until the final delivery of the tournament. It’s all quite exciting and fun and cricket fans are interested in finding out the leading run scorers of the tournament after every match and bet on it big time. 

PSL 2020 Leading Run Scorers

There have been quite a few wonderful batsmen who have participated in the Pakistan Super League up until now. And we have a few names that could make records in the upcoming PSL 5 as well. On top of the list would be Babar Azam for sure as he’s in the form of his life and you can expect him to pile runs on the board for sure. Here’s a look at top 5 possible leading run scorers for the PSL 2020.

  1. Babar Azam
  2. Kamran Akmal
  3. Colin Ingram
  4. Luke Ronchi
  5. Shane Watson

PSL 2019 Leading Run Scorers

You can also take some idea about who’d score the maximum number of runs in the upcoming PSL season by looking into who topped the tables in the PSL 2019. Here’s a list of top 5 run scorers from last season. 

  1. Shane Watson (430)
  2. Kamran Akmal (357)
  3. Cameron Delport (355)
  4. Colin Ingram (344)
  5. Imam-ul-Haq (341)

So, what’s your pick for the next season? Do you think any of the players listed above are going to make a mark in the PSL 5

PSL 2020 Highest Wicket Taker Prediction

Besides the leading run scorers, a lot of debate goes into who will be the highest wicket takers in the tournament. Again, that’s a matter of interest for people with different objectives. Whether you are an avid fan or someone interested in betting, the information keeps value for you. So, let’s find out how things can expected to go in PSL 2020. 

PSL 2020 Highest Wicket Takers

Our prediction is that Wahab Riaz is going to make a difference this time around. He played with a lot of zeal and firepower in the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and would love to carry that momentum in his upcoming assignments. He was amongst the leading wicket takers last time around as well and has everything it takes to lead the table among wicket takers. Here’s a list of top 5 expected leading wicket takers for PSL 5

  1. Wahab Riaz
  2. Shaheen Shah Afridi
  3. Hasan Ali
  4. Umer Khan
  5. Sandeep Lamichhane

PSL 2019 Highest Wicket Takers

If you want to figure out the leading wicket takers from the previous season and draw inspiration from that to predict ones for the upcoming season, here we have a list of top 5 players. They really rocked the stage in PSL 2019 and will be expected to come up with impressive performances in the latest edition too to see their sides rise to the top. 

  1. Hasan Ali (25)
  2. Faheem Ashraf (21)
  3. Wahab Riaz (17)
  4. Umer Khan (15)
  5. Sohail Tanvir (15)

Do you think any of these players are going to make a point once more? Well, it depends on their current form and just about anything can happen based on that. It just takes one good spell for players to get their rhythm back and it could happen anytime, even during the tournament. 

What do you make of our PSL 2020 prediction then? Do you agree or not with the teams that we have predicted as probable winners for the upcoming PSL 5? We’re pretty confident that’s how the results are going to shape the tournament when it actually happens. And, the predictions made here are not just random predictions but the word from experts and astrologists that you can really count on. So, pick your winners and Good Luck!


PSL 2020 prediction is here for the upcoming PSL 5. Find out who will win PSL 5 and check PSL 2020 leading run scorers and PSL 5 highest wicket takers. We also have the PSL 5 cricfrog astrological prediction. Check now!

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